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Aficionados on the streets.

Aficionados getting their early morning fix.

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Cool Coffee Logos

Need a little Monday morning inspiration? Check out these super cool coffee logos. Tweet

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Coffee and your hangover

Is coffee the cure?

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I Love Coffee & Chocolate

Don’t you love it when you come across those small things in life that make your heart beat faster? Things like arriving at a Monday night braai to find the host has put roasted pine nuts on the salad, that dodgy Chinese place that has the best pork dumplings in town or the distinct roar […]

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Mariah Betts

Mariah has spent the last 6 years getting people into interesting yoga positions. A certified instructor from the States, Mariah traveled around her homeland teaching yoga before coming to South Africa to do the same. Spending a fair amount of time in Deluxe, she grew fond of the community of coffee lovers moving through the […]

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I like it when people keep things simple. Please don’t give me a cryptic crossword for a menu; I am not for conundrums with my coffee other than the Sunday Times quiz. If you are on this same wavelength, then I recommend you visit Twice. This spot is still a young’un, having only opened two […]

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We love Al Pacino. He loves coffee.

Although he may be the coolest of cool, Al Pacino likes it hot!

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Traveling Coffee Cup in Mozambique

The Traveling Coffee Cup made its first journey to Mozambique, visiting Maputo, Tofo and Inhambane. Watch this space for its next exciting trip. Tweet

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La Petite Tarte

“Welcome to our little corner of Paris” are the words you will find at the end of the menu. They couldn’t be closer to the truth. It’s as if Scotty beamed this spot up, straight out of the French city and popped it down in Cape Town. I’m still convinced the burly man in the […]

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Spotted at Deluxe


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