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Ile de Pain, Knysna

The first thought that comes to mind when one mentions ‘Knysna’, is oysters. It is a conditioned response we are all familiar with and for good reason. That is unless you have experienced the slice of coffee and bread heaven that is Ile de Pain. One visit and your inner Pavlov’s dog will never be […]

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Artisan Café

It’s great when people do things that make your life a little easier, especially when it comes to time. Table 13 has done just that. They have shuffled things around a bit to create a deli space that is geared for those on the go. This little operation goes by the name of Artisan Café […]

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The Corner Café

Via Kyle Fraser. “Welcome Home” says Judd, the waiter/owner, through a cheery smile. Justin, the manager, greets me with our own version of a “high five” every time I walk into The Corner Café, I guess it’s because I’m there almost every day. Most of the customers sitting in ‘our’ Glenwood café are there more […]

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Coffee in Riebeek Kasteel

Riebeek Kasteel is a magical little town in the heart of the Swartland. There are windmills in back gardens, a beautiful old church with a steeple that could part clouds and restaurants that kick some serious butt. It’s a great spot for a quiet weekend getaway and offers the aficionado a handful of quaint coffee […]

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Espresso Solo

Here is another awesome coffee machine from the students at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. This concrete machine was designed by Shmuel Linski for Lavazza and pours a short and long espresso. Tweet

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The Coffee Guide

Walking into a coffee shop without a predetermined idea of what you want to order can be a dangerous affair. Possibly just as dangerous as walking into a pizzeria without a particular craving. The base is the same but what about the rest? Which one do we choose and what is the real difference between […]

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The Perfect Cup

We asked David Donde from Truth the question of what constitutes the perfect cup. This is what he had to say. As those Stones with no moss once said, “you can’t always get what you want…” Getting the perfect cup when going out can turn into a needlessly daunting prospect. You are going to drop […]

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Aficionados out and about


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Made in Romania

The Moka Pot. We are all familiar with this little number. Since its first appearance in 1933 it has revolutionised the way coffee is prepared at home. It is a celebrated icon of Italian design and I bet if a coffee lover was in charge it would most likely have made it onto their national […]

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