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Freeman Mhlanga

Freeman Mhlanga is Bean There’s king of coffee. Residing from Zim, Freeman stepped onto the coffee scene only two years ago. But despite his relatively short involvement with coffee, he has become well known for his remarkable skills as a barista. He is a qualified City & Guilds barista and his favourite coffee is a […]

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Rosetta Roastery fun.

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Here’s a thought…

What do you think about when you’re stirring your coffee? Do you think about the deliciousness of last night’s risotto or how ridiculous the end of that movie was? Maybe you think about the assignment you need to complete or what you are going to buy your friend for her birthday. Perhaps you aren’t thinking […]

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Meet Daniel.

Graphic designer by day, waiter by night. This is where Daniel Holland, owner of Yourstruly, was a year ago. For six years, the idea of getting involved in coffee, had been hovering at the back of his mind. Fed up with living like a “drone” as he says, he decided to turn his dream into […]

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10 signs you’re addicted to coffee.

1. Your eyes stay open when you sneeze. 2. Your child’s name is Yirgacheffe. 3. You don’t sweat, you percolate. 4. You’ve built a mini Colosseum out of little plastic stirrers. 5. You’re offended when people use the word “brew” to refer to beer. 6. You have a picture of your coffee mug on your […]

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Quirky Coffee Cup Designs

Check out these quirky coffee cup designs by artist/illustrator Jim Smith of Waldo Pancake for UK-based coffee company Puccino’s. Jim has been designing the packaging for Puccino’s for the last ten years and pretty much has free reign when it comes to the designs. He also has an awesome range of merchandise with other sarcastic […]

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There is a new spot in town and its hot, hot, hot! Yourstruly on Long Street has swiftly become a hive for buzzing coffee lovers despite having only opened its doors and little service hatch last Saturday. The space is modest with a handful of dark counters and couches that create a beautiful contrast to […]

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Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth Coffee Company has been widely regarded as one of the best coffee companies in the world, and the best by far in London. Visiting their original Covent Garden store and The Borough gem is like stepping into a world of it’s own. A world where baristas are real artisans, effortlessly taking pride in their […]

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Steri Stumpie’s 10th member is here!

Steri Stumpie has added a new weapon to their flavoured milk arsenal. Yes, you guessed it, coffee. The new ‘Minister of Flavour’ was introduced to the world last week with a Keynote Address at the Labia Theatre. They are also running a Coffee Exchange. Send them a description of your coffee cup, whether its crazy, […]

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Joburg Barista Champs happening today!

Just a reminder that the Johannesburg Barista Champs kick off today. Competitors will be battling it out over the next two days with the final showdown scheduled for 15h00 tomorrow. Pop past the Kerzner Building at the University of Jozi’s School of Tourism and Hospitality for a taste of the action. Tweet

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