Love, Revenge, Cappuccino

Christmas shopping. If you’re like me and have yet to begin with it, you’ll know that inevitably there are three things that await you. Great irritation at the lack of parking, queues the length of the Great Wall of China and a mass of people resembling the fan walk on the final. But there’s something that makes it all better, and that’s a good cuppa.

Love, Revenge, Cappuccino has both the Waterfront and Canal Walk covered when it comes to making your task of filling the stockings a whole lot easier. They are serving the Scuro Blend from Illy – a dark roast with full body, caramel notes and a kick that will keep shopping fatigue at bay. They have been around for seventeen years at the Waterfront and opened an express store at Canal Walk a year ago. Love, Revenge, Cappuccino offer freshly made pancakes, sarmies and cakes and a selection of gelato that is rather difficult to resist.

The story behind the name? Owner, Nikolas Tiftikidis, tells me it was chosen by his dad years ago after watching an old Italian film in which one of the scenes had a snippet of a coffee shop with the name ‘Love, Revenge, Cappuccino.’ He says he cant remember the name of the film but I reckon whoever it was that came up with it must have an interesting story to tell.

V&A 021 418 0596
Daily 07h00 till 00h30

Canal Walk 074 595 6845
Daily 07h00 till 21h00

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Written by Cindy Taylor

Cindy is the editor in chief and photographer for I Love Coffee.


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