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Coffee love from G.Love, yo.

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Cool coffee packaging.

A few examples of cool and quirky coffee packaging. Packaging found on thedieline & COLOURlovers Tweet

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How to make a killer iced coffee.

If you’re one of those people who work in an office where the ambient temperature resembles that of an Inuit’s igloo then you’ll have no problem with getting your daily fix in its regular form. For those that find themselves in the sweltering summer heat, a hot cup of coffee isn’t always particularly appealing. An […]

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Nordic Bakery Cafe

Stepping into Nordic Bakery Cafe on a icy cold London morning, is like diving into an austere scandi-box, where you can make sense of your thoughts while watching the world go by over a coffee and cinnamon bun. According to investor Miisa Mink, they wanted to create a space that is free from the every-day […]

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10 uses for your take away cup.

Your take away cup is handier than you think…..

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You’ll find Cafeen tucked away on 3rd Avenue in Harfield Village. Opened in 2008, this spot oozes charm and offers a feast for not only the stomach, but also the eyes. The interior is adorned with an eclectic collection of antiques and quirky nik naks. Chandeliers hang overhead while portraits of your great-granny’s-best-friend’s-cousin peek out […]

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Greetings Coffee Lovers!

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