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The Kitchen

I keep a permanent stash of Rosetta beans in my kitchen for two reasons. Firstly, their coffee is damn good and secondly, there isn’t anywhere in town serving their beans. Or so I thought until I visited The Kitchen. The Kitchen is a homely little eatery located on the town end of bustling Sir Lowry […]

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Salvation Cafe

Salvation Café is a cheerfully chilled and charming spot found in Jozi’s trendy 44 Stanley complex. Its laid-back and down-to-earth atmosphere is complimented by speedy service making it a great option for a long, lazy afternoon. The place is decorated with hushed tones, mismatched furniture and an interesting spread of salvaged vintage bits and pieces. […]

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Coffee advertising back in the day.

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Skinny Legs & All

You need to visit Skinny Legs & All on Loop. Seriously. Occupying what was once the João Ferreira Gallery, this restaurant is like a Granny Smith apple: fresh, crisp and wholesome but without the sour aftertaste. The interior is spacious with wooden chairs, white-top tables and an open-plan kitchen. Beautiful pieces of art from João […]

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The Syphon Coffee Maker

So this is what a syphon coffee maker looks like… without his top on. Quite a sexy little number, isn’t he? Besides being nice to look at what makes this guy so special? Well, it’s rather simple really – it all boils down to flavour. The syphon coffee maker produces a more clarified, delicate cup […]

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Make us proud, Trav!

Today is the day for SA Barista Champ, Travis Scott to show the world what he is made of. Travis is currently in Bogota for the 2011 World Barista Championship and will be competing at 20h23 SA time. You can watch a live feed of his performance here. Good luck, Trav. We’re behind you all […]

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