Green coffee may aid weight loss.

Forget Green Tea! Asha Kandiah from UK based York Coffee Emporium sheds some light on the effect of Green Coffee on weight loss.

“Unroasted coffee beans may help you lose weight,” sounds like the latest tagline for an advertising campaign to make you buy coffee. However reports on a recent study carried out by professor, Joe Vinson, PhD, showed that green coffee beans may actually aid weight loss.

The research, which is very much in the early stages, took place over 22 weeks and entailed giving 16 overweight test subjects supplement courses of green coffee extract. They tested the supplements at different strengths (700mg and 1,050mg) and included placebos. No diet was implemented. Each subject’s calorie intake was tracked during this time (an average of 2,400 calories) and they also did some form of physical activity burning an average of 400 calories a day.

The results showed the test subjects lost and average of 17lbs; as this is an average, some participants lost considerably more than others. The results also showed that the test subjects lost more weight when taking the higher doses of the supplement.

So what is it about the green coffee bean extract that can make you lose weight? It’s purely speculation at the moment but Joe Vinson believes it’s linked to the chlorogenic acid found in the coffee beans when they’re unroasted. It’s thought that the plant compound might help hinder glucose absorption in the body.

Now before you rush out to buy unroasted coffee beans, it has to be stressed again that this research is still in its early stages and there are plans for a larger study.  You also have to consider if this will turn into another excuse to avoid the hard work of losing weight by doing exercise. There are more health benefits to be had from exercise that just losing weight and in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle it’s better to make a lifestyle change rather than find a quick fix.



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Written by Cindy Taylor

Cindy is the editor in chief and photographer for I Love Coffee.


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