Fashionista’s & Coffee

The aroma of coffee drags me into the Seattle Coffee Co.  I pick up my single latte to go and, coffee in hand, make for the door when a comfy couch catches my eye. I convince myself I’ll finish my meeting prep there. I sit down, start up my laptop and reach for my coffee, noticing a block  touting a discount. Since my laptop is working at around the same pace as my pre-caffeine brain, I use the time to investigate. I neatly pop the perforated voucher out of the sleeve and inspect it. Zando – online international brand emporium, free delivery and returns, R80 discount… I feel my resolve to work slip away as the temptation to take a quick look at the site takes hold. I’ll just see what it’s about, just a quick look-see, just a peek.

An hour and pair of Hunter boots later, I emerge from my coffee-scented fashion bubble, proving the road to Hell really is paved with good intentions – at least I’ll be walking that road in brand new boots. Visit to join me on my way.


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Written by leigh-ann


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