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The I Love Coffee Pop-Up Shop on Citymob

A curated collection for the coffee aficionado.

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Painting by Coffees

These coffee painting might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we have to give it to Karen Eland; the girl’s got skills. Her love for coffee was born in the late ‘90’s in a coffee shop in New Orleans, where she would go everyday to sketch her fellow French Quarter locals while sipping a […]

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The Compendious Coffee Chart by Pop Chart Lab

We’re loving this coffee compendium by Pop Chart Lab! “A comprehensive compendium of the varied ways–from Chemex contraptions to French presses to the simple automatic drip–to produce wondrous, life-giving coffee, as well as the drinks one can concoct by combining coffee with mixers like steamed milk and chocolate.” For a closer look at the print […]

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De Oude Bank Bakkerij

I Love Coffee contributor, Angelo van Dyk, visits De Oude Bank Bakkerij in Stellenbosch.

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Win Coffee for a month with B-Guided & Deluxe

Wednesday morning saw a new installation going up at Deluxe: the B-guided custom display, designed and made by Lucas Adams. To celebrate, B-Guided are giving away free coffee for a month. To WIN it, simply PIN it and TWEET it. Pin anything to the board: a photo, a business card, a till slip, your latest […]

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Big (sticks) in Japan

OK, so it might be Starbucks…but we have to give them the thumbs up on this one. Instead of going the commercial route, the owners of this store teamed up with renowned Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, to create a space that is not only aesthetically bloody awesome but also in keeping with the heritage of […]

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Death Wish Coffee: The Strongest Coffee in the World?

Death Wish Coffee, a New York based coffee company, claims it has the strongest coffee in the world. How have they managed to achieve this? Well, they say they have found a coffee bean with close to 200% the amount of caffeine as your typical coffee shop coffee. Interesting. Death Wish go a step further […]

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THE FLOATING MUG by Tigere Chiriga

  Love this idea. A hot beverage produces heat and slight moisture that’s damaging to your furniture. The Floating Mug; it’s novelty you can live with. Tweet

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