I Love Coffee contributor, Donne Truda, visited quirky iKhofi in Joburg. This is what she had to say..

For a novice, quiet observation is required to spot the quirkiness of Jozi.  You wouldn’t say it, but among the mundane classifications of the city – frantic streets, overflowing malls, dull lifestyle, notorious crime and money, money, money – there exists treasures few have uncovered. It is the creative energy that vibrates from a diverse number of places and people, donning unconventional opinions and lifestyles.  I recently had a pleasant reminder of its distinct existence and the affiliation with Johannesburg’s coffee culture.

The name of the roastery visited, iKhofi, appropriately links to the African beans that are roasted and sold here. Owner, Dr Joe Wollbrandt, has a ‘thirst’ for Ethiopian coffee, which began while on an unrelated business trip in the country.  He declares himself as ‘’obsessively stuck on Ethiopian coffee’’.  A PHD in Chemistry makes him tremendously qualified to roast coffee beans.  Elizabeth Mhlanga, who joined iKhofi in 2007, encourages Joe to try different coffee beans and blends, such as the Ugandan coffee which she served on my visit. The evident workmanship is certainly not devoid, from either side, of passion for the country where coffee was said to be discovered.  Liz’s enthusiasm spread as she talked about the Ethiopian coffee ritual, showed me the Jebena and other utensils used in Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and a material wall piece that explains how coffee beans were discovered, in the local Ethiopian language. I was surprised and thrilled to get a closer look at a coffee tree, as it’s a first for me!

iKhofi sell green and roasted beans and a 250g will cost you around R60. The perfect place to try out their coffee is the super funky Market on Main in the Maboneng Precinct, where Liz and Joe can be spotted brewing and serving iKhofi to visitors.

Contact Details
Address: 11 Jennifer Ave, Northcliff Ext.9, Johannesburg
GPS  26º 8′ 47″ S   27º 56′ 51″ E
Website: www.ikhofi.co.za
Tel: +27 (0)11 678-8638

Mobile: +27 (0)82 852 7073
Email for Information: info@ikhofi.co.za
Email for Coffee order: order@ikhofi.co.za

Opening Hours for purchases

Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Friday: 09h00 to 17h:00
Saturday: 08h00 to 13h00



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Written by Donne Truda

Coffee is my simple pleasure. I simply love it! It is not only the taste or aroma or even the subsequent spirited character it evokes in me which stirs such devotion to my morning cup, but the entrenched culture; so deliciously diverse. Throughout history dating as early as the fourteenth Century, Sheiks, Kings, Popes, Poets, Writers, Painters, missionaries, herders around the globe all formed a coffee culture. Travelling from Africa, to Arabia, to Europe to the Americas, all of them, redefined the black brew in an expression of their own. Many of the traditions still remain such as the social hubs coffee conjures, exuding creativity, encouraging conversation and stories, business meetings, or comfort for friends. Today it may be a “Cup of Cino” as my six year old cousin decisively refers to a Cappuccino or a blend of cafe au condensed milk laite, or the perfected Italiano Espresso that makes coffee your individual expression. For me, coffee is on-call after a family pasta evening, at an early morning breakfast catch-up, when I’m alone at my favourite bookstore entrenched in the latest Paulo Coelho novel, late at night when awake working or just meeting with a close friend talking about girls’ stuff. Ending off my not so simple explanation of my love for coffee, I hope to translate and relay my expression of coffee and the ever present café culture, through these blog contributions. Before long, I’ll have a Café di Donné… when I do, you will be sure to feel the buzz!


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