When your friends go to Jamaica…

Let’s be honest, if a friend tells you that s/he is off to Jamaica for two weeks, the news is undoubtedly going to conjure up some seriously deep shades of green. And then there’s the daily influx of breathtaking images via What’s App with captions like, “how amazing is this place?” and “this is the view I’m sinking a couple of sundowners to”…

The solace? Having a friend who, instead of opting for a tropical shirt, buys you a bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Now, real* Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exceptionally special on it’s own. But when it’s a bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from the Marley Coffee farm, well, it’s about as flippin awesome as it gets.

My friend bought me a bag of ‘Talkin’ Blues’ and while it was utterly enjoyable it’s the story behind it all that really left a sweet aftertaste. Farming has always been deeply ingrained in the Marley family and it was Bob Marley’s dream to return to it following his jammin’ days. Considering that the musical legacy was taken care of by his siblings Ziggy, Damian, Julian, Stephen and Kymani, Rohan Marley decided he would fulfill his father’s dream and continue the farming tradition, and so he founded the Marley Coffee Farm, alongside his friend Shane Whittle.

The Marley Coffee farm is fully biodynamic and in addition to the Blue Mountain coffee that they produce, they also source beans from Ethiopia and Central America, all of which are organic and from farms that adhere to strict sustainability ethics. They are serious about respecting the environment and developed the ITAL** seal as a commitment to doing just that.

The range of coffee is vibrantly packaged with names that take on part or full titles of some of Bob Marley’s songs – think Mystic Morning, Buffalo Soldier, Lively Up! and Get Up! Stand Up!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better…Marley Coffee also established the Kicks For Cause Foundation, which aims to build playable soccer fields and soccer camps for children of the coffee-producing communities around the world.

Now, that’s irie coffee.

* Commercial coffee companies may label their coffee ‘Blue Mountain’ but just like Champagne there’s only one place where you can the real deal.

** “In Rastafarian parlance, the initial syllable of a word is often replaced with the letter “I” as a way to express the self-determination of the human race. Thus, eternity becomes iternity, creation begets iration, and from vital comes ital. Marley Coffee developed the ITAL seal, as our own promise and guarantee that we will fight for what’s pure, true, and vital. From the biodiversity of our own farm to the ethical treatment of our farm’s workers, we pride ourselves on knowing where and whom our beans come from, and how they are grown, harvested, and roasted. We pride ourselves on making our coffee…ITAL.”



Special thanks to Emma Little for the coffee.

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Written by Cindy Taylor

Cindy is the editor in chief and photographer for I Love Coffee.


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  1. andrew@ilovecoffee.co.za October 16, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Irie coffee for sure-thanks for the taster Cinds x

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