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Department of Coffee, Khayelitsha

Visit a train station first thing in the morning in any international first world city and you won’t be surprised to see a blur of take away coffee cups. Expecting to see the same at a train station in a township in South Africa is about as far fetched as expecting JZ to forego the […]

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The Blend

Fiiiiiiiinally, someone has decided to offer a selection of the city’s best roasts under one roof! We’ve been waiting patiently for this concept to pop up for some time now and we’ve seen similar concepts– Superette offered both Deluxe and Rosetta blends – but nothing quite as broad and with the same impetus behind it. […]

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Social Media Explained with Coffee

A infographic using coffee terms to describe our online interactions.   Via Marketplace Maven Tweet

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Merchants Cafe

When you put these two together… …only great things can happen. Add in Hanneli Rupert and Tammy Tinker from Merchants on Long, Liam Mooney, Michael Chandler and an awesome little space on Long Street to this duo of Larry Steenkamp of Woodlands Eatery and the Field Office’s Will Hobson and you’ve got magic…in the form […]

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