By I Love Coffee contributor, Angelo van Dyk.

Merkabah Coffee came about through a mutual passion shared by brothers Andre and Calvin Botes. An Italian South African grandmother imbedded in the lads the principles of “la dolce vita” from a young age, and from there the rest is history as they say. Durban born, the brothers followed the trail of quality bean down to the pioneering Cape. Today, they have married two of life’s hedonistic vices, coffee and wine. Brampton Wine Studio in Stellenbosch is where Merkabah now sells their glorious cups of goodness, a match made in creative heaven. Hurricane lamps filled with techni coloured chalk stand proudly on chalk board tables, and guests are all encouraged to doodle away whilst soaking up the atmosphere in the funky studio.

Merkabah use a unique, personally selected blend and roast for their beans. Careful sourcing and attention to detail is a must, and is all too evident, down to the presentation of the coffee with a dark chocolate caffeine kick on the side. “We value coffee with style, quality and fun, but at the same time we as barristers want to maintain a professional barrister approach to every cup we brew”, say Andre and Calvin. Medium-dark roast is their preferred style, and their quality macchiato is the speciality.

The name “Merkabah” means “to ride”, and they approach every day fuelled up on eagerness to deliver the best of the best! Driven by a massive enthusiasm for coffee and a passion for music, one cannot help but leave the space with a spring in one’s step, usually coupled with a bottle of Brampton wine tucked snug under the arm…


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Written by Angelo van Dyk

Blogger, wine connoisseur and lover of all things delicious, Angelo is a passionate AfrItalian and photographer who sips espresso on the Transkei, listens to Nat King Cole and can’t help but take the road less travelled… if it means finding a quality cup of bean…


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  1. Saskia January 25, 2013 at 9:52 am #

    YES! These two brothers are can make you the best coffee combined with a little bit of chocolate to give you energy for the entire day! you can not love it!

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