Portobello Road

One of my most favourite places in one of my most favourite cities has to be Portobello Road in London.

For anyone visiting the British capital, this magical road of vintage charm is a must-visit. Located in the cosy suburb of Notting Hill, it is a haven of gorgeous antique shops, delicious little café’s and houses with brightly coloured doors; behind which Hugh Grant awaits you. Obviously.

It is no surprise to me, then, that such a wonderful spot has become the inspiration behind one of Kenilworths latest coffee shop gems, the same named Portobello Road.

Just like its namesake in London, the shop has an incredible charm about it. Part coffee shop, part clothing store; this spot has everything you need to comfort your soul. Sip on a delicious Nutella hot chocolate after you look through their beautiful (and very reasonably priced) vintage goodies. Indulge in a slice of chocolate cheesecake and then take home one of their neat trinkety treasures; so cleverly displayed in an old boxed shelf along the wall. Whether it is yummy delights or astoundingly fair priced goodies you are after, it has it all.

Portobello Road is the proud brainchild of Jane Banks and her mother. The store opened just one year ago, and since then has only gone from one success to another with its public support.  Just when I had come to think that the southern suburbs could not match the quality of coffee shops which Cape Town city centre boasts, a gem such as this opens and knocks all of these thoughts right out the window. How refreshing!

“We only serve origin”, Jane tells me “because it really is the best”. And, I must agree, that a cup of their coffee alongside one of their delicious baked treats or homemade meals really is the best.

This coffee shop is perfect for a comforting coffee on a wintery Cape Town afternoon, or even ideal when you just want to feel some of the contentment that thoughtful and lovingly created cafes offer one. It certainly has succeeded in recreating the magic of its namesake in London, and a visit to this store fills me with the same joy that a Saturday spent at the famous Portobello Road market provided me with.

I will definitely be back through those bunting lined doors for another cuppa and cheeky midweek indulgence- because, now, one of my most favourite places in one of my most favourite cities has to be Portobello Road in Kennilworth.

313 Main Road, Kenilworth
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm
Saturdays 10am – 3pm
021 761 3736



Written by Anna van Dyk

With her quirky mind and adorably awkward demeanour; Anna is the perfect addition to your internet musings. Her Italian heritage coupled with her South African upbringing has embedded a great appreciation of coffee, treats and all things beautiful in to her very soul. When she is not blogging, you can find her attempting to assimilate in to the hipster culture of UCT where she is currently a screenwriter-in-training and full time dreamer.


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  1. Louisa Stroebel(Lulu) September 29, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    Oh yeah
    Portobella Road is such a gem and the vibes amazing. It is a place one can get really lost in with just so much to offer. And the ppl are just so hospitiable – to Mary Banks xx

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