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THE FLOATING MUG by Tigere Chiriga

  Love this idea. A hot beverage produces heat and slight moisture that’s damaging to your furniture. The Floating Mug; it’s novelty you can live with. Tweet

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The Caffè Pagato

The caffè pagato (Paid Coffee) is a beautiful custom deeply steeped in Neapolitan history whereby a customer orders a coffee and pays for two: one for him or herself and the other for a stranger – most often less fortunate. The barista takes note of the caffè pagato and awaits John Doe’s arrival. Old Johnny […]

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National Coffee Day(s)

While we like to think that you don’t need a reason to celebrate coffee, this week is a bit of a biggy for toasting to coffee. Today, the States celebrate National Coffee Day and on Saturday Japan will do the same. Sadly, National Coffee Day in Ireland has just passed but there’s no reason why […]

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Coffee & the Global Economy

    Via Tweet

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I Love Coffee Festival 2011

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The History of Coffee

Behind every great love, is a great story.

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Xpresso is not a coffee

It is with an ‘S’

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Your daily fix

Is simply the wondrous phenomenon that is coffee.

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Is what happens if you drink decaff. Tweet

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Whole Bean

Coffee that has been roasted but not yet ground.

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