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Anthony’s Golden Cup

If it wasn’t for the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that smacks you as you pass by you could easily mistake Anthony’s Golden Cup for a flag retailer. He tells me that the flags were put up as a part of the World Cup fever and that he hasn’t got round to taking them down. […]

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Bean There’s new roastery in Cape Town.

It’s been over a year since we first heard word of Bean There’s plans to open a roastery in Cape Town and we’re pleased to tell you that the wait is finally over. They unofficially opened the doors to their new Wale Street roastery on Monday and in celebration will be serving free coffee for […]

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Deluxe Outpost, Franschhoek

Here’s a look at Deluxe’s brand spanking new spot in Franschhoek. The feel of the place is just as stylish as their Church Street roastery, the only difference being that they’ve replaced the dismantled vespa artwork with that of a bicycle. Super cool. The shop is found at Reuben’s where the deli once was and […]

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Department of Coffee, Khayelitsha

Visit a train station first thing in the morning in any international first world city and you won’t be surprised to see a blur of take away coffee cups. Expecting to see the same at a train station in a township in South Africa is about as far fetched as expecting JZ to forego the […]

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Fashionista’s & Coffee

The aroma of coffee drags me into the Seattle Coffee Co.  I pick up my single latte to go and, coffee in hand, make for the door when a comfy couch catches my eye. I convince myself I’ll finish my meeting prep there. I sit down, start up my laptop and reach for my coffee, […]

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Los Muertos Motorcycles

Los Muertos Motorcyles. Put simply, it’s a meeting place for people who are into bikes, real bikes. Not those girly things you see on the road but rather the kind of beauty that you can stare at in a creepy way without it being inappropriate. The joint is steeped in Café Racer culture. If you’re […]

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Movember Special at Jason Bakery

A flat white and one of Captain Bread’s amazing bacon croissants, filled with cheese and toasted under the salamander, for only 30 bucks? You’d better believe it, folks. The special, along with Captain Bread’s steamy handlebars, will be around until the end of the month.   Tweet

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On Heels Cafe

On Heels is a fairly new spot on the outer perimeter of Green Market Square where you will find a basic but flavoursome menu, a stylish interior and a great outdoor section. Nothing we haven’t seen before you’re probably thinking. Oh, but there’s more. Firstly, the coffee is amazing and secondly, it is served by […]

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Origin on the go.

Grabbing your morning cuppa couldn’t be easier with Origin’s new ‘On the Go’ station on Strand Street. Forget trying to find parking or having to stand in a queue, you simply have to give them a buzz when you’re five minutes away and they’ll have your coffee waiting for you. The station is on the […]

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R10 Coffee at Truth on Buitenkant

We’re eagerly awaiting the official opening of Truth’s flagship store on Buitenkant. Their new headquarters, based in a refurbished triple story Victorian building, is set to open in the next few weeks. In the meantime you can grab a cuppa for just 10 bucks from their service hatch. Watch this space for more details of […]

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Red Sofa Cafe

Red Sofa is the bee’s knees when it comes to renting dvds. That’s a fact. If your viewing pleasure revolves around DSTV then that probably wouldn’t interest you. What you might find interesting, however, is that the Red Sofa team has taken their awesomeness to a whole new level in the form of their brand […]

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Say Hello to THE Cape Town Coffee Guide

So, we’re quite excited. In fact, we’re REALLY excited. Almost overboard excited about a little something called the Cape Town Coffee Guide. You might have seen one in your local coffee spot already. Not? Then you might want to ease up a little on ogling the eye candy. The Cape Town Coffee Guide is a […]

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