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Fashionista’s & Coffee

The aroma of coffee drags me into the Seattle Coffee Co.  I pick up my single latte to go and, coffee in hand, make for the door when a comfy couch catches my eye. I convince myself I’ll finish my meeting prep there. I sit down, start up my laptop and reach for my coffee, […]

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Here’s a thought…

What do you think about when you’re stirring your coffee? Do you think about the deliciousness of last night’s risotto or how ridiculous the end of that movie was? Maybe you think about the assignment you need to complete or what you are going to buy your friend for her birthday. Perhaps you aren’t thinking […]

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I Love Coffee & Chocolate

Don’t you love it when you come across those small things in life that make your heart beat faster? Things like arriving at a Monday night braai to find the host has put roasted pine nuts on the salad, that dodgy Chinese place that has the best pork dumplings in town or the distinct roar […]

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Meet Pete – Episode 1

Pete is one of our resident coffee-experts. Here he is taking us through “How to make the perfect Espresso”.

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Starbucks adopt a new approach.

Someone at Starbucks finally realised that a change is as good as a holiday. With a new purpose and new vision they have ditched the typical branding and setup for a more traditional neighbourhood coffee shop feel. The first of these experimental stores has been launched in Seattle, completely redesigned and refurbished using recycled and […]

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